Web Design & Digital Agency Updates

Having a Responsive Website is one of the most important digital tactics that your business should be using to promote itself online. Responsive Websites are designed to adapt to the devices they are on, this includes: Mobile, Computer and Tablets. By having this code on your website you are able to ultimately reassure your visitors that the content they are seeing on your website from the web design services are and easy to understand and fully legible.

Ranking Factors

Most search engines will give your website a better rank so that customers can find you easier. If you have a Responsive website Google, Yahoo and Bing know that you have spent a lot of time on your website to make sure that the user experience on it is at a remarkable level. Keeping your website updated and responsive is the number one thing for on page optimisation.

User Experience

Mobile Marketing Statistics conducted near Glasgow have showed an upsurge in users that browse the web from their mobile device. As a business owner that is trying to target users on the web keeping a good understanding of UX is very important to ensure that users are enjoying the content that is being released on your website.

Responsive Websites in Action

Brand Consistency

One of the most important factors of having a responsive website is the brand consistency side of things. Responsive sites reduce costs becuase the website only needs to be made once in a special way that allows it to work across the board but this also means that it has the same design principles on every version on each device meaning that your website design and ideas will be coherent and similar on each device.

It’s clear that having a responsive website made by a web designer is very important. There are however thousands of other services to consider when you are building a website. These include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Graphic Design, PPC (Pay Per Click) and even Social Media Management. Weigh up your options and make the best decisions for your business to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for from the web.